07 Apr 2019

Announcements 07-APR-2019

07-APR-2019 bitFORTUNE 1 Year Anniversary bitFORTUNE is

07 Apr 2019

07-APR-2019 bitFORTUNE 1 Year Anniversary

bitFORTUNE is celebrating its 1 year anniversary! Excitement is high looking forward to 2019 and beyond. Smart money strategies buying and holding for the bitFORTUNE portfolio is leveraged for success. Automated trading algorithms are far advanced to profit in all market conditions.

Please see bitFORTUNE White Paper updates that includes multiple benefits to bitFORTUNE investors. This is what bitFORTUNE is all about – every investor and building the value of every bitFORTUNE token in circulation. White Paper updates include perpetual 100% liquidity for all investors with reduced liquidation fees. This is advanced from previous business model guidelines specifying a maximum percentage liquidation at some frequency.

New investors and new money has built into the bitFORTUNE portfolio in the year behind us. This trust in the bitFORTUNE strategy will yield high results as we look forward.

bitFORTUNE will be at the apex of the bull market.

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