08 Apr 2021

Announcements 08-APR-2021

08-APR-2021 bitFORTUNE 3 Year Anniversary bitFORTUNE is

08 Apr 2021

08-APR-2021 bitFORTUNE 3 Year Anniversary

bitFORTUNE is celebrating its 3 year anniversary! Excitement is high as bitFORTUNE is exploiting the bull run of the 3rd Bitcoin halvening. It is anticipated even more massive gains are ahead!

bitFORTUNE has dramatically enhanced over the past year. The addition of Derivatives to the bitFORTUNE Platform evolves bitFORTUNE to a Cryptocurrency Investment Bank & Derivatives Platform. Dramatic enhancements have been developed on the back end for Platform performance including but not limited to technical analysis, macro trends, macro-economic interpretation and speculation, mathematical paradigms for financial strategies, automated trading, financial products, and centralized and decentralized finance expansion.

bitFORTUNE employs extensive strategies and tactics to complete the exploitation of the current bull run, lock in value, generate passive income and prepare for the next halvening and beyond. bitFORTUNE is a long term player to fully exploit the Cryptocurrency Revolution.

bitFORTUNE will take you there.

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