11 Apr 2020

Announcements 11-APR-2020

11-APR-2020 bitFORTUNE 2 Year Anniversary bitFORTUNE is

11 Apr 2020

11-APR-2020 bitFORTUNE 2 Year Anniversary

bitFORTUNE is celebrating its 2 year anniversary! Excitement is high looking forward to the Bitcoin 2020 halvening that historically triggers a cryptocurrency bull market. bitFORTUNE is positioned to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

The bitFORTUNE strategy has dramatically evolved in sophistication since inception. New innovations and technologies are in research and development that will strengthen the bitFORTUNE portfolio in the coming bull run and beyond.

Despite challenging cryptocurrency and traditional market economic conditions in the 2 years behind bitFORTUNE it is proving that bitFORTUNE is here to stay for the long run.

bitFORTUNE will be at the apex of the bull market.

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