04 Apr 2018

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bitFORTUNE Simplifies Investing in Cryptocurrency bitFORTUNE is

04 Apr 2018

Simplifies Investing in Cryptocurrency

bitFORTUNE is a sophisticated, decentralized, anonymous cryptocurrency investment fund. By holding just one cryptocurrency, that is bitFORTUNEs, claims a stake in a diversified collection of selected cryptocurrency assets and profiteering strategies in cryptocurrency space…
This is the bitFORTUNE portfolio.

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

The cryptocurrency market is a brand new asset class that is still in early evolution. We believe cryptocurrency is the future. A lot of people agree with this but don’t know how to get started or lack the time to do extensive research…bitFORTUNE is for you. The bitFORTUNE portfolio achieves intelligent diversification in cryptocurrency space on all bitFORTUNE investors behalf. bitFORTUNE is a cryptocurrency fund with a strong foundation in “blue-chip” crypto’s. The scope of bitFORTUNE is long term stability and growth with high liquidity for investors.

Will Take You There

This is a one-stop-shop for cryptocurrency investors seeking diversification in cryptocurrency.
The bitFORTUNE portfolio employs multiple strategies in cryptocurrency space including buying and holding and automated trading.
In time there will be two types of people, those who got into cryptocurrency during its early evolution and those who didn’t.
It is speculated here that there will be a redistribution of wealth in society…
If you are reading this you are one of those who got in.

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