23 Jun 2019

Invest Stellar Account

Create a Stellar Account for bitFORTUNE bitFORTUNEs

23 Jun 2019

Create a Stellar Account for bitFORTUNE

bitFORTUNEs may be traded on the bitFORTUNE exchange. In order to buy & sell on the exchange a Stellar account must be created to access the Stellar Platform.

bitFORTUNE practices and emphasizes maximum security procedures in cryptocurrency space. To achieve maximum security a hardware wallet needs to be used to create a Stellar account that will be utilized for buying and selling bitFORTUNE tokens, hence the instructions henceforth describe creating an account using a hardware wallet. This measure is well worth the peace of mind as investors transfer value across their Stellar account. Using a hardware wallet is the industry standard for handling cryptocurrency.

Currently the Stellar Platform is supported by the Ledger Nano hardware wallet. This hardware wallet is arguably the industry leader. To purchase your Ledger Nano navigate to the official Ledger site.Take caution to strictly purchase a Ledger Nano from the manufacturer only. Also ensure that the manufacturer website URL is correct. That is, https://www.ledger.com/.

After receiving the Ledger Nano follow these instructions to set up the hardware wallet. Instructions for setting up the new hardware device will also be included with packaging.

Next the Stellar Lumens asset must be added to the Ledger Nano. These instructions describe this procedure.

At this point the Stellar account created by the Ledger Nano device will need activated by sending a small amount of Stellar Lumens to the account. This is according to the Stellar protocol minimum balance that deters spam accounts on the network.

Connect the Ledger Nano device, enter the pin and navigate to the Stellar application on the device. Then navigate to the Stellar Account Viewer to access the new Stellar account managed by the Ledger Nano.

Stellar Account Viewer

Select the “Sign in with Ledger” button to access the Stellar account on the Ledger. Note here that if not using a hardware wallet one may simply press the “Generate” button to generate a public and private key for a Stellar account.

A deactivated account will appear as below. Notably the balance of Stellar Lumens on the account is zero and there is a notice that the account is currently inactive and needs some Stellar Lumens sent to the account to activate it.

Stellar Not Activated Account

In the event the investor has some knowledge of purchasing and transferring cryptocurrency simply purchase a few dollars of Stellar Lumens and send that to the account to activate it. At the time of this writing it is suggested that 10 Stellar Lumens be sent to the account to activate it. This allows for activation, some trust lines to be established and cover small trading fees on the Stellar blockchain.

For novice investors simply send a message to bitFORTUNE administration from the Contact Page that includes “Your Stellar public key” and within 24 hours bitFORTUNE administration will send complimentary Stellar Lumens to the account to activate the account. Note that this offer is explicitly extended to bitFORTUNE investors only.

After account activation the account will appear as follows with a balance of Stellar Lumens.

Stellar Activated Account

Congratulations, you have successfully created and activated an account on the Stellar Platform with a hardware wallet. You are now among the user base utilizing of the most advanced technologies on the planet.

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