23 Jun 2019

Invest Stellar Deposit

Deposit Bitcoin to Stellar Account for bitFORTUNE

23 Jun 2019

Deposit Bitcoin to Stellar Account for bitFORTUNE

bitFORTUNEs are purchased on the bitFORTUNE exchange with Bitcoin (BTC) hence to purchase bitFORTUNE tokens BTC must first be acquired and deposited to the investors Stellar account. This is achieved by specifying a trustline with a Stellar Bitcoin gateway (naobtc.com) and using that gateway to deposit Bitcoin to the Stellar account. The Bitcoin trust line utilized on the Stellar Platform to trade against bitFORTUNE is BTC (naobtc.com).

First navigate to StellarTerm and login to a Stellar account using a Ledger Nano hardware device. For detailed instructions how to login to StellarTerm using a hardware device reference the “Trustlines” section of the bitFORTUNE Invest Page. Once logged into a Stellar account take note of the Stellar public address for the account labeled, “Your Wallet Account ID” on the StellerTerm web site.

Stellar Account

Next navigate to the naobtc.com site. Take caution to ensure that the URL is correct. The URL is, https://naobtc.com/#/.

naobtc.com Home

Click on the deposit link on the left side of the naobtc.com home page.

naobtc.com Deposit

Enter the Stellar public address acquired from StellarTerm in the text box designated on the naobtc.com Deposit page. Take caution to double check and ensure that your Stellar public address entered is correct. Then press the “GET” button in the lower right corner of the screen. This will generate a Bitcoin deposit address for the Stellar account.

naobtc.com BTC Address

Take note of the Bitcoin deposit address. This deposit address may also be used for future deposits of Bitcoin to the Stellar account.

The Stellar account is now ready to receive a Bitcoin deposit. Utilize the Bitcoin deposit address acquired from NaoBTC to deposit Bitcoin to the Stellar account. For the very first deposit ever it is good practice to send a small amount of Bitcoin to the address and verify that transaction is successful. After that deposit the remaining Bitcoin to the Stellar account. Allow some time for confirmations on the Bitcoin blockchain before the Bitcoin arrives in the Stellar account. This may vary depending upon network congestion etc.

To see the balances of the Stellar account there are multiple options to look at the account on the Stellar blockchain. In this example StellarExpert is used to see the account on the blockchain. Navigate to StellarExpert and enter the Stellar account public address in the search bar of the site. This is convenient as the account details may be viewed on the Stellar blockchain without having to login to the account.

StellarExpert BTC Deposit

As may be seen above a BTC deposit is successful to the Stellar account using the NaoBTC gateway.

Congratulations on your Bitcoin deposit to your Stellar account! You may now use the BTC to purchase bitFORTUNE tokens!

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