24 Jun 2019

Invest Stellar Invest

Invest in bitFORTUNE bitFORTUNE investing is easy.

24 Jun 2019

Invest in bitFORTUNE

bitFORTUNE investing is easy. At the bitFORTUNE exchange fill out a buy order for how many bitFORTUNE tokens are desired to be purchased and click the buy button.

At the exchange select the “Login To Trade” button.

Stellarport Home

On the next screen select the “Login With My” drop-down box and select “Ledger HW Wallet” to login with a Ledger Nano hardware device.

Stellarport Login

Plug in a Ledger Nano hardware device managing a Stellar account, enter the pin and navigate to the Stellar application on the device. Then select the “Connect Ledger” button.

Stellarport Login Connect Ledger

The next screen shows the Stellar account on the Ledger device. Select “Login” to complete the login process.

Stellarport Complete Login

After logging in the user is greeted with the Stellarport inflation proposal. Select the “No Thanks” link to proceed. If the user happens to select the “Continue” button it is no big deal, the account will just give an inflation vote to Stellarport. Stellar inflation is avoided here as out of the scope of these instructions.

Stellarport Inflation

Next the user is greeted with their Stellar account on Stellarport.

Stellarport Account

Select the “Exchange” tab in the main menu. This will navigate the user to the bitFORTUNE exchange. Ensure that the exchange pair is correct. bitFORTUNE will appear on the left indicating the numerator of the market pair and on the right will be BTC (naobtc.com) that is the denominator of the market.

Stellarport Exchange

On the Ledger Nano device ensure that the device is not timed out, if so, re-enter the pin to unlock the Ledger and ensure the device has the Stellar application selected.

Select the “Buy” tab order form. The first field is the “offer quantity (BTC)” field which is the amount of BTC being spent to buy bitFORTUNE tokens. Select the small blue arrow on the field to populate the amount of BTC being spent or enter the value manually. The “Orderbook” will show all offers to sell bitFORTUNE tokens on the exchange. Double check the bitFORTUNE portfolio for the latest price of bitFORTUNE tokens to ensure a fair price for the token on the exchange. Input the lowest sell offer “Price (BTC)” from the “Orderbook” into the “limit price (BTC)” field. This action will automatically calculate the “total to receive (bitFORTUNE)” field. Select the “PLACE BUY” button.

Stellarport Buy bitFORTUNE

Next a pop-up-box will appear asking the user if they want to create this offer on the Stellar blockchain. Select “Confirm”.

Stellarport Create Offer

The next screen requests of the user to specify how they want to sign the transaction. Select the radio button for “Sign with Ledger HW Wallet”. Then click “Continue”.

Stellarport Sign Transaction

The next pop-up indicates to the user to look to their Ledger Nano device to sign the transaction. Click “Sign” then read the device and click through the transaction parameters until the transaction is finalized. Clicking both buttons on the Ledger Nano device will approve each transaction parameter.

Stellarport Sign Ledger

After finalizing the transaction on the Ledger Nano device the transaction will execute on the Stellar blockchain. The final screen gives a confirmation that the purchase was successful along with the transaction details. The Stellar account used to purchase the bitFORTUNE tokens will now display a balance of bitFORTUNE.

Stellarport Buy Confirmation

Congratulations on your bitFORTUNE purchase! You are now a part of an incredible strategy designed to utterly exploit this never-before-seen opportunity in the history of mankind –

The Cryptocurrency Revolution

Invest in bitFORTUNE

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