23 Jun 2019

Invest Stellar

bitFORTUNE is on the Stellar Platform The

23 Jun 2019

bitFORTUNE is on the Stellar Platform

The bitFORTUNE asset is created on the Stellar Platform. The bitFORTUNE asset on the Stellar blockchain is here. The Stellar Platform provides a decentralized exchange where investors may buy bitFORTUNE tokens with Bitcoin and sell bitFORTUNE tokens for Bitcoin. The Bitcoin trustline utilized on the Stellar Platform to trade with bitFORTUNE is BTC(naobtc.com).

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The Stellar Platform is one of the most sophisticated cryptocurrency platforms in existence and is of the highest ranking cryptocurrency projects in the market. The Stellar Platform is an open-source, public, blockchain-based, real-time financial platform. For more information regarding Stellar please see the official Stellar site and/or reference the “Resources” section of the bitFORTUNE Invest Page.

Send an email to bitFORTUNE administration for any questions, comments or concerns regarding investing in bitFORTUNE. An email may be sent from the bitFORTUNE Contact Page.

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