27 Feb 2021

White Paper bitFORTUNE Derivatives

bitFORTUNE Derivatives bitFORTUNE Derivatives offers bitFORTUNE investors

27 Feb 2021

bitFORTUNE Derivatives

bitFORTUNE Derivatives offers bitFORTUNE investors options for moving their value on the platform per their own strategy and risk tolerance appetite. In short, the definition of a derivative here is an asset pegged to another asset or basket of assets. The composition of a bitFORTUNE derivative may contain one or more assets. The concept of a derivative allows for infinite creativity of financial products.

bitFORTUNE offers derivatives that spans the spectrum of risk from low risk / low return to high risk / high return. This philosophy accommodates the risk appetite for any investor approaching the platform.

Decentralized finance is an entire financial industry emerging out of the cryptocurrency arena. A massive wealth transfer is staring the World in the face in the form of de-fi. bitFORTUNE is on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency and is positioned to take full advantage of decentralized finance opportunities. Utilizing decentralized finance bitFORTUNE derivatives may be interest yielding or exploit smart contract strategies and other vehicles to get returns on derivative investments. A bitFORTUNE derivative does not necessarily have to utilize de-fi however.

Each derivative created on the bitFORTUNE Platform is itself a cryptocurrency enjoying all the benefits of privacy, censorship resistance and invincibility against third party interference.

The bitFORTUNE token is the main token of the bitFORTUNE platform and hence may earn administrative fees from derivative investments. This gives bitFORTUNE token holders even greater incentive still to own FORTUNEs. Also, the bitFORTUNE Portfolio itself may own bitFORTUNE derivatives. Although the bitFORTUNE Portfolio may own bitFORTUNE derivatives, each derivative is its own financial product in its own right.

The financial structure of each bitFORTUNE Derivative may be understood by reading the bitFORTUNE Derivative definition that is located on the bitFORTUNE Derivatives Page aggregated at the top of the page and also appears atop each derivative on display on the bitFORTUNE Derivatives Page.

bitFORTUNE is standing on the shoulders of Giants – that is bitFORTUNE Derivatives.

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