22 Feb 2018

White Paper bitFORTUNE Disclaimer

bitFORTUNE Disclaimer bitFORTUNE does not provide any

22 Feb 2018

bitFORTUNE Disclaimer

bitFORTUNE does not provide any warranties or guarantees of performance. Cryptocurrency is a volatile evolving industry with risk to investment that could prove significant or total. The bitFORTUNE administrative team is seasoned in cryptocurrency and backed with degrees including engineering, computer science, finance, business, marketing, and legal. bitFORTUNE administration seeks to minimize risk and speculates strong potential increasing value of investments by employing comprehensive diversification buying and holding and automated trading of cryptocurrencies for profit. These strategies are the foundation of bitFORTUNE.

bitFORTUNE does not provide tax advise nor legal consultation. It is recommended bitFORTUNE investors seek legal and financial consultation with professional advisers.

Assets described in the bitFORTUNE White Paper are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This White Paper does not constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. bitFORTUNE is an anonymous, private, decentralized token exempt from the laws of securities. bitFORTUNEs are decentralized tokens trading on the Stellar platform that is a decentralized financial platform that is also anonymous and private. This intent grants liberty, freedom and responsibility to bitFORTUNE investors.

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