28 Jan 2018

White Paper bitFORTUNE Distribution

bitFORTUNE Distribution bitFORTUNE is backed by value,

28 Jan 2018

bitFORTUNE Distribution

bitFORTUNE is backed by value, every single one of them. Every bitFORTUNE token in circulation has the value transferred into the bitFORTUNE portfolio. The founders of bitFORTUNE received zero pre-mined bitFORTUNE tokens. Founders must also purchase bitFORTUNE tokens on the bitFORTUNE exchange as every other investor. This ensures all tokens in circulation have integrity.

Those who purchase bitFORTUNE are buying a partial interest into a collection of assets and profiteering strategies in cryptocurrency space. This has implications for how the token is sold and bought back to profit share with investors on the bitFORTUNE exchange by the bitFORTUNE administrative account. Most cryptocurrencies are re-priced constantly based on supply and demand influences. bitFORTUNE is priced differently however than typical cryptocurrencies. Net asset value is the value of bitFORTUNEs that is a calculation of all fund assets minus liabilities, divided by the circulating supply which yields a per-token price. Typically this is the price investors buy and sell bitFORTUNE tokens at. The market value of the bitFORTUNE holdings changes every day and must be recalculated. The bitFORTUNE White Paper section titled VALUE is dedicated to explaining the calculation of the net asset value of bitFORTUNE. Investors may still trade above or below the market price of bitFORTUNE as calculated by the administrative account. Typically a finite number of coins/tokens are available for most cryptocurrencies. bitFORTUNE will issue as many tokens as speculators want to buy however as the business model is open-ended. This property allows the fund to grow for all those interested in following the strategy of the bitFORTUNE portfolio.

For distribution of bitFORTUNE tokens the bitFORTUNE administrative account will maintain one sell order on the bitFORTUNE exchange at any given time. This will allow new investors to purchase the token at any time at will. The maximum tokens for sale per day will be variable based on calculations against the total circulating supply of bitFORTUNE tokens. This maximum is set to ensure that sudden radical changes in the price of the token is not artificially inflated or diluted by a large purchase of the token after the fact. Each day the sell order will be updated by the administrative account to reflect the new price per token and replenish the sell order back to the maximum tokens per day.

For all bitFORTUNE tokens purchased the value is approximately distributed to the bitFORTUNE portfolio per the following specification:

bitFORTUNE Token Value Distribution

The percent Administrative Value allocation from the Token Value Distribution is approximately sub-divided per the following specification:

bitFORTUNE Administrative Value Distribution

The bitFORTUNE White Paper section titled PROFIT is dedicated to the corresponding buy order on the exchange that is maintained by the administrative account to buy back bitFORTUNE tokens from investors that facilitates profit sharing with investors.

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