26 Jan 2018

White Paper bitFORTUNE Inspiration

bitFORTUNE Inspiration bitFORTUNE is inspired by the

26 Jan 2018

bitFORTUNE Inspiration

bitFORTUNE is inspired by the cryptocurrency revolution.

Centuries past the medium of exchange has been centralized by the few elite. In the modern era fiat currency issued by Federal Reserve Banks operates as a monopoly. This monopoly inflicts financial tyranny operating by the fractional reserve banking model that is unsustainable.

Every century sees some extraordinary advances by the human race. In the 20th century automobiles, industry, space travel, computers, and internet radically changed the World among other things. This century, the 21st century, among the extraordinary advances we will witness is cryptocurrency. A reformation of the medium of exchange for the human race, decentralized currency and applications.

Cryptocurrency is a mile-stone in the evolution of the medium of exchange for mankind. The invention of Bitcoin has given rise to the cryptocurreny market that is a competitive market for the medium of exchange. This is in stark contrast to a monopoly. We know from economics that competitive markets are good for the consumer, we the people.

Naturally, hundreds of billions of value in fiat currency has flowed into the cryptocurrency market yet there is hundreds of trillions of fiat currency in circulation internationally. It is anticipated here that in the coming years tens of trillions of fiat currency value will channel into cryptocurrency. Knowing this we want to position ourselves in the cryptocurrency market with comprehensive scope. Diversifying together we can cover the most ground and exploit all opportunities, not just a sub-set that we may achieve alone.

Considering all this bitFORTUNE is born to be the vehicle to exploit this never-before-seen opportunity in the history of mankind. Together we will experience cryptocurrency evolve, radically change the World, redistribute the wealth in society, liberate masses of people from financial tyranny, challenge governments, deflate the power of the banks, and we may also seek to make a fortune at the same time, a bitFORTUNE.

This is revolution.

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