29 Jan 2018

White Paper bitFORTUNE Security

bitFORTUNE Security bitFORTUNE has critical focus on

29 Jan 2018

bitFORTUNE Security

bitFORTUNE has critical focus on security.

bitFORTUNEs are cryptocurrency. This means all bitFORTUNEs are free from centralization, regulation, cannot be destroyed, cannot be seized, cannot be shut down, cannot be hacked or tampered with…there is few competitors exhibiting equal or higher levels of security. Owners of bitFORTUNEs have complete responsibility and total liberty over their asset.

The Stellar platform upon which the bitFORTUNE exchange exists is also decentralized. The exchange is free from centralization, regulation, cannot be destroyed, cannot be seized, cannot be shut down, and cannot be hacked or tampered with. Please see the bitFORTUNE White Paper section DECENTRALIZATION for more information regarding the Stellar platform upon which bitFORTUNEs operate to understand the invincibility of these technologies.

All assets held in the bitFORTUNE portfolio are stored with the most sophistication possible for cryptocurrency storage. In short, hackers with malicious intent against these wallets used for storage would attempt a dramatically unfeasible course of action that is practically impossible.

A cryptocurrency private key typically is a randomly chosen 32 byte (or 256 bit) number. That’s any number between 1 and 115792089237316195423570985008687907852837564279074904382605163141518161494336, inclusive. This is a number so vast that the human mind cannot comprehend it. For a perfectly efficient computer to simply count from 1 to 2^256 (the large number above) the energy required to power the computer would be more than the output of an average star over its entire lifetime. This is obviously ludicrous to attempt. Practically speaking, to hack cryptocurrency wallets the assailant would most likely need to solve the famous computer science problem, the P versus NP problem. If that happened this person or persons would become instantly famous and positioned in history with those recognized as the most brilliant human beings to ever live. This would go down in history as of the greatest achievements of the human race. Also the least amount of money some one could earn with this knowledge would be hacking cryptocurrency wallets.

All assets in trading are stored in web wallets on selected exchanges. The exchanges selected for automated trading are only the most reputable and trusted exchanges on the planet.

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