28 Jan 2018

White Paper bitFORTUNE Strategy

bitFORTUNE Strategy bitFORTUNE achieves diversification by buying

28 Jan 2018

bitFORTUNE Strategy

bitFORTUNE achieves diversification by buying and holding cryptocurrencies and maintaining perpetual automated trading. To achieve this diversification is a great deal of work including intelligent asset analysis and implementations requiring high technical proficiency.

Most people have a great lack of time as their lives are full and busy. It’s a challenge to balance work, family, recreation, and then still find time for other pursuits. bitFORTUNE is designed especially for these people to give them a stake in a diversified and dynamic cryptocurrency portfolio by holding just a single token.

For each asset in the bitFORTUNE portfolio a great deal of analysis is performed. The work involved to speculate on just a single asset includes studying the white paper, understanding why the asset was created, the project and its status, the team, understanding the competition in the sector the asset is in and their status, the underlying technology of the asset versus other technologies, ect. Automated trading bots are built from scratch across major exchanges. The technical proficiency to achieve this is backed by formal education including computer science and engineering. Custom built trading bots are completely original and are never distributed to the public as this would degrade algorithm performance due to saturation of the execution of the algorithm in markets. bitFORTUNE does all of this work for a comprehensive portfolio and a lot more.

Part of the methodology employed here for classifying assets categorizes them as low, medium or high risk. Making this determination involves multiple metrics including the life span of the asset, the user base, price movement, the sector of cryptocurrency space the asset belongs, project completion or time to completion, speculation of successful entry to market, etc.

Low risk assets typically have their project completed, have a steady user base, steady price movement relative to total market capitalization, and expected utility will be either maintained or increase. Medium risk assets may be projects with solid teams and projects that look to fill a gap in the market or be very competitive yet still have not completed their project and proven that it is operational in practice. High risk assets include projects that could spike extraordinarily yet also plummet violently due to business model instability. High risk assets may also include brand new coins/tokens/platforms that recently entered the market and look very favorable yet could also fail. It is not uncommon in cryptocurrency for assets to 5x, 10x, …, 100x, 500x, or even increase in value in the thousands of percent in a short time. Some of these extraordinary price movements come out of medium and high risk area. For this reason the bitFORTUNE portfolio does not exclude medium and high risk assets. In contrast these assets that could potentially skyrocket are actively pursued. Considering all this to keep the portfolio stable and profitable while also taking some risk for extraordinary gains the risk distribution of the portfolio is approximately allocated per the following specification:

In the event an asset in the bitFORTUNE portfolio skyrockets this value will be locked into the portfolio by re-balancing all or some percentage of the value of the asset. Re-balancing here means that a percentage of the asset value will be sold and those funds redistributed in the portfolio.

The business model outlined here for diversification of bitFORTUNE value is subject to perpetual research and development over time with the intention of maximizing profit and growth of the bitFORTUNE portfolio. More cryptocurrencies will be included to the portfolio over time as they pass the metrics for inclusion and the fund grows allowing for further scope. In the event any “fork” occurs for any asset in the bitFORTUNE portfolio, that new asset will be included to the portfolio as growth of the portfolio provided the new asset is cleared as safe and secure in the market. Also, any “air-drops”, interest accumulation, or any other value generation from assets in holding is property of the fund and will be included to the portfolio to foster token price increase. In parallel automated trading algorithms will be subject to enhancement per experience and research. Also, automated trading algorithms will be subject to having scope increased across major exchanges over time as those exchanges prove in alignment with bitFORTUNE portfolio goals. The only constant in reality is change and this versatility to gracefully evolve will sustain bitFORTUNE for years to come.

Dramatic deviations from the bitFORTUNE White Paper diversification business model or permanent reformations to the model will be communicated on the bitFORTUNE.fund Announcements Page.

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