11 Apr 2021

bitFORTUNE Stock Derivative Definition

The bitFORTUNE Stock Derivative is defined to

11 Apr 2021

The bitFORTUNE Stock Derivative is defined to provide an option on the bitFORTUNE Platform to earn passive income using the stock market and/or other traditional investment vehicles. This derivative is classified as medium risk due to the medium volatility of traditional markets relative to the high volatility of cryptocurrency.

The bitFORTUNE Stock derivative composition includes assets targeted to increase purchasing power as measured in USD for the derivative. Since it is speculated here that cryptocurrency is going main stream in the years ahead companies heavily involved in cryptocurrency are targeted in particular. Other investment vehicles that prove to be “rare” assets are also targeted considering the immanent inflation of USD that is a mathematical certainty. This inflation will cause rare assets to rise in purchasing power as measured in USD.

There is a front end and back end fee for the bitFORTUNE Stock Derivative. The front end fee is a flat 1%. The back end fee is variable depending on the performance of the derivative. The minimum back end fee is 1%. If the derivative performs greater than 1% in 30 days the back end fee increases by 25% of percent gains over 1%. For example if the derivative performed 5% for the past 30 days the back end fee would be 2%. 50% of the front and back end fee goes toward bitFORTUNE token – the main asset of the bitFORTUNE Platform. The other 50% of the fee is the administrative transaction processing and maintenance fee.

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