24 Mar 2018

bitFORTUNE Total Value Chart

The bitFORTUNE Total Value Chart plots at

24 Mar 2018

The bitFORTUNE Total Value Chart plots at a specified frequency the Holding Total value and the Trading Total value as displayed in the bitFORTUNE Asset Statistics Table. The chart communicates the total value of assets in trading and holding of the bitFORTUNE portfolio over time. The Holding and Trading Total values in the Total Value Chart are quoted in USD. The X axis of the chart is time and the Y axis of the chart is Price (USD).

The chart has many features for value inspection including specifying time period, hovering for point data, and toggling lines plotted in the chart from the chart legend immediately beneath the chart. The Holding and Trading lines in the chart may be differentiated by the different colors specified per line as defined in the chart legend or by hovering above the line the tool tip will indicate the value plotted.

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