20 Feb 2018


The Cryptocurrency column of the bitFORTUNE ICOs

20 Feb 2018

The Cryptocurrency column of the bitFORTUNE ICOs Pooled Value Table indicates assets utilized to temporarily store value while that value is awaiting investment to targeted ICOs or to temporarily store value from profit gained investing in ICOs. ICOs in scope for investing are listed in the bitFORTUNE ICOs Table.

These assets may include bitUSD, open.USD, and/or Tether. These cryptocurrencies are pegged to the United States dollar and are used to temporarily store portfolio value away from exposure to cryptocurrency volatility.

The image per cell represents that cryptocurrencies logo. The name of the cryptocurrency is hyperlinked to the primary web site dedicated to that asset. Beneath the name is the symbol of the cryptocurrency that is primarily used as a short hand notation on exchanges for that assets markets.

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