26 Feb 2021


The Interest column of the bitFORTUNE Aggregate

26 Feb 2021

The Interest column of the bitFORTUNE Aggregate Derivatives‘ Statistics Table is a weighted approximation of the current interest yield of all bitFORTUNE Derivatives. Interest is quoted as annual percent yield (APY). This value is calculated by weighting all interest yielding derivatives of the aggregate derivatives’ composition and summing the interest yields by weight.

Not all bitFORTUNE derivatives yield interest. In this case the APY is designated as 0% APY. Also, bitFORTUNE derivatives that yield interest do not necessarily have all assets comprising the composition of the derivative yielding interest.

The Interest is periodically updated automatically. If the value since the last calculation:

  • has no variance display black
  • increases in value display green
  • decreases in value display red
  • yields 0% APY display gray
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