13 Mar 2018


The Value column of the bitFORTUNE Automated

13 Mar 2018

The Value column of the bitFORTUNE Automated Trading Assets Table is an approximation of the current value of that asset in automated trading. All prices are quoted in USD. This value is calculated by multiplying the amount times the price of the asset.

The footer of the table contains a total for the Value column. This total represents an approximation of the entire value of the bitFORTUNE Automated Cryptocurrency Trading portion of the portfolio and is also used as an ingredient to calculate the net asset value of the bitFORTUNE token.

The values including the total value is periodically updated automatically. If the value of the asset since the last price check:

  • has no variance display black
  • increases in value display green
  • decreases in value display red
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